The Individual Investor Series:
A Focus On Designing For The After

The Real Estate Edition

On May 15, WeDemption hosted the second in the series The Individual Investor Series: A Focus on Designing for The After, this time featuring Remy Fortier and Tamar Hermes, both founders in the real estate space.


WeDemption’s CEO, Mireya Manigault, Remy and Tamar discussed numerous topics related to what the individual investor should be thinking about right now, including:

  • Why real estate might make sense now

  • How to craft your investment thesis related to real estate

  • Being an ethical real estate investor

Investor Checklist:
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checklist to help you get organized and strategic about your real estate investing.

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Speakers Bio's:

Mireya Manigault 
Mireya Manigault is founder and CEO of WeDemption and Foundation LLC. Mireya holds an MS in finance risk management from NYU Stern and has spent her career building and turning around practices. Skills which she puts to use within Foundation LLC, assisting VC in identifying cultural risk in their portfolio companies, while helping said companies create the cultural foundations of the great companies of tomorrow. WeDemption focuses on making angel investing more accessible, welcoming and equitable for all.

 Tamar Hermes
Tamar Hermes, founder, and CEO of Wealth Warrior Woman. She has spent 20 years guiding women to becoming successful real estate investors. She is a certified life coach and focuses on the emotional aspects of women and money. Tamar also runs the Facebook Page, Wealth warrior Woman Accountability Tribe

Remy Fortier
Remy Fortier is a Real Estate Innovator and Entrepreneur in the SF Bay Area. Founder of Bay Area Elite Investors and the Union City Chapter of Impact Club, donating thousands to local charities

Additional Resources:

Investor Checklist: Checklist to help you get organized and strategic about being a real estate investor.


Ten Step Real Estate Investing Plan: Wealth Warrior Woman’s simple, smart guide to get you started and in action on the wealth you desire without questioning if you are doing it right.

If you have any comments or questions about becoming an angel investor, our next learning program begins in weeks. Additionally, if you have topics you would like covered during one of our future Individual Investor webcasts, we would love to hear from you.


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