Why We are Investors

  • There are 163 million women in the U. S. (52% of pop.).

  • The number of women eligible to participate as accredited investors is higher than ever before.

  • Women are still ~3.5 times less likely to be angel investors

  • Most women investors employ a social impact strategy.

  • There are 163 million women in the U. S (52% of pop.).

  • 39% of privately-held firms in the U.S. are owned by women.

  • Women founders receive just 2% of available venture capital dollars and 13% of conventional lending dollars.

  • Most women founders employ a social impact strategy.

Why We are Entreprenuers

What We are

Angel investing functions in many disparate parts that don’t fair well for women founders. WeDemption is its own ecosystem. It is all your angel investing needs in one place. From learning to researching, tracking, storing and communicating, it all happens in one mobile space. Designed to bring women founders and investors together, Wedemption is helping more companies succeed and get more equity in your hands. We will change the lifetime and generational economic gap for women and minorities, by making angel investing more efficient, accessible and friendly for all. 

Because when we all win, we ALL win!

How We came to be

In 2018 I found myself fighting for my life in a system designed specifically to exclude me. And while I argued with doctors to get the care that I needed, ultimately paying for my own tests to confirm what I knew, I wondered, “What happens to all the people that do not know how to or cannot afford to get to the right answer? What would happen to my grandma?” This led me to begin designing a solution.

However, as I considered the millions needed to build, I was keenly aware that founders that looked like me receive less than 2% of available $. I could fight within the current startup funding system or I could create a whole new system, WeDemption.

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